I’ll be honest, day one of our year of low outgoings did not start well. Mr Thrifty Fox texted me at lunchtime to tell me he’s spent £5.50 on a fancy kebab takeaway for lunch. I sound like a control freak, but I wasn’t very impressed. It felt like he wasn’t taking the challenge seriously — which is unfair, because I’d half-dragged him on board anyway. I adjusted the figures on our spreadsheet, and updated him that he’s now near his allocated £20 monthly budget for work lunches (anything above £20 will tip into ProjectYOLO expenditure). It felt mean. When… View Post

Unfortunately this isn’t a post about literal champagne. Just putting that there as a warning, so I don’t get lots of disappointed comments from people who’ve read the whole thing to discover that champagne doesn’t feature. It’s just not my style — I’m more of a Pimms girl. Besides, if you want champagne on a lemonade budget you should probably compromise with prosecco. Anyway, I digress. Sticking to a low budget is really hard. Especially at first, and when you have some spare ‘cash’ in the budget — it’s oh-so-tempting to dip into it and spend it on those luxuries… View Post

A few months ago I had a revelation about ‘stuff’.  Something happened over Christmas last year. I felt like I was drowning in ‘stuff’. In toys, in gifts, in clutter. In everything.  We started to declutter, to streamline. Things got better. We have less ‘stuff’, and the ‘stuff’ we have, we use. We’ve still got a way to go — the loft, oh god, needs tackling — but it’s an improvement.  And then I started thinking about other improvements. We were already pretty organised, thanks to my military approach to household management. It was always going to be our finances. We… View Post