Students are notoriously crap with money. I wasn’t too bad, but I still managed to spend more than I probably should have. It’s just so easy to pick up food at the student bar or order a takeaway when a) you have to cook for one and that’s SO much harder than cooking for two, b) you’ve probably not got any clean pans thanks to light-fingered housemates and c) er, have you heard of student discount?! And that’s not even mentioning retail therapy and booze. Got a hard exam coming up? Go to the shops/bar to take your mind off… View Post

I reckon it’s happened to all of us (millionaires excluded, obviously). Your car splutters to a halt, the fridge breaks and your cat/dog/fish needs emergency surgery. And all in the same month as your best friend’s wedding in Bali. And you need buy a present. Your monthly salary just isn’t going to cover it — something’s gotta give. This is where these funds come in — i.e. different pots of money, separated from your main account, which can be used to pay for both unexpected and expected expenses.  Emergency Fund This is a “does what it says on the tin”… View Post