Recently, I’ve noticed a slow increase in the cost of groceries. For some items it’s as little as 10%, others 50%. Cumulatively, it’s a bit depressing. So, in order to save money I stock up on certain products when they’re on offer. It sounds really simple, but there is a bit of a strategy behind it. In case you haven’t already twigged, this is a bit of a boring blog post about the food we buy, how we buy it and where we save money.  But I’m a bit weird and like reading/writing about this kind of stuff. Bail now… View Post

If you’re expecting a baby, you’ve probably read sweeping statements such as “babies needn’t cost the earth” or “newborns don’t need anything other than love and milk and nappies”. I’m calling bullshit. Babies do need things. And for your own sanity, you’ll be wanting to buy those extras to make life with a newborn easier. And those things? They add up. And it can be financially painful, at a time when incomes are usually drastically reduced due to maternity pay. Loyalty Schemes / Discount Clubs Join them. Join them all. If you hate marketing spam, set up a separate email… View Post

Debt is depressing as hell. It’s like your past self is reaching through time and robbing your bank balance on a monthly basis. But once you’re in it, you’re in it — and it’s time to get out. It might feel like a mountain but you’ll get there. We are — slowly but surely. It’s required focus, some entrepreneurialism and sacrifice. But at the time of writing we’ve paid off £1,600 in five months. The following has helped us focus, prioritise and shrink our total debt.  Face the fear It’s not a great feeling — but you need to write… View Post

Although I like being thrifty, I love choosing and giving gifts. There’s just something so wonderful about giving a gift that you know the receiver will absolutely love. Unfortunately, gifts and cards add up. As I don’t want to cut corners on the gifts themselves — particularly for the kids in the family — I try to make savings on other areas.  Buy a multi-purpose occasion wrapping paper Wrapping paper is one of those gift-giving essentials which can massively inflate the total cost; especially if you end up panic-buying those individually wrapped sheets as opposed to a roll. Instead of buying multiple… View Post

If you’d asked me a month ago whether I was getting a good deal on the various insurance policies we have, I would have said an unequivocal ‘yes’. Of course I was.  Then I received the renewal documents in the post. Car insurance? Up £50. Contents insurance? Up £35. The cost of living is ever-increasing; food bills are going up, energy bills are going up, rent increases every year… did I want to willingly spend another £7 a month on bills which I could potentially cut? No. No I did not. Car Insurance Thanks to a handy automated email from… View Post