I love Christmas. Always have, always will. And I’m determined that my boys will grow up and love it too. Not for the presents, or the toys. But because it’s a magical time of year. The excitement of Santa, the family traditions, and the memories made. I probably wouldn’t list them in that order (note: probably) but I know Small Human would definitely rank Santa first. Followed by Christmas lights, Ho Ho trees and, of course, the presents. I also don’t want Christmas just to be about ‘one day’ and bucketloads of presents. He’s small and easily overwhelmed. Hell, I’m… View Post

There’s something I just love about Halloween. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the day evokes the same kinds of emotions as Christmas. Halloween always captured my imagination when I was growing up; raiding my mother’s make-up box leftovers, crunching scratchy cheap costumes between my fingers, and the excitement of returning home and opening up a bag of mystery sweets to see what was within. It was never disappointing; it couldn’t be. You dressed up, carved a pumpkin, and ate sweets. Simple. There was a wonderful camaraderie between the neighbours, as you traipsed from house to house… View Post

Children’s clothes can be expensive. And no, I’m not just talking about branded or designer stuff which is obviously going to drain your bank account quicker than I can drain chocolate-flavoured cocktails. But when you find yourself paying £15 for a pack of three sleep-suits which might only get a week’s wear… yeah, you get the idea. Particularly when you need to buy at least three packs. Would you spend £45 on a top or outfit which you could only wear for a week? I know I wouldn’t. Or at least, not intentionally. If I really wanted to, I could… View Post

If you’re expecting a baby, you’ve probably read sweeping statements such as “babies needn’t cost the earth” or “newborns don’t need anything other than love and milk and nappies”. I’m calling bullshit. Babies do need things. And for your own sanity, you’ll be wanting to buy those extras to make life with a newborn easier. And those things? They add up. And it can be financially painful, at a time when incomes are usually drastically reduced due to maternity pay. Loyalty Schemes / Discount Clubs Join them. Join them all. If you hate marketing spam, set up a separate email… View Post