My feelings about Christmas changed on Boxing Day last year. I’ve blogged about it before, but there was just so much stuff. It was partly – cough, mostly – my fault. And I’d had enough. I resolved to change things. And I have. The boys have fewer presents this year, and I’ve only made one of those ohmygod-they-need-more-gifts-to-unwrap panic buy purchases. And then I felt guilty and resolved not to buy anything more. I made a list, I checked it twice… and I’ve stuck to it. It’s divided into different sections; I’ve spread the delivery methods across the festive season… View Post

I love Christmas. Always have, always will. And I’m determined that my boys will grow up and love it too. Not for the presents, or the toys. But because it’s a magical time of year. The excitement of Santa, the family traditions, and the memories made. I probably wouldn’t list them in that order (note: probably) but I know Small Human would definitely rank Santa first. Followed by Christmas lights, Ho Ho trees and, of course, the presents. I also don’t want Christmas just to be about ‘one day’ and bucketloads of presents. He’s small and easily overwhelmed. Hell, I’m… View Post

Although I like being thrifty, I love choosing and giving gifts. There’s just something so wonderful about giving a gift that you know the receiver will absolutely love. Unfortunately, gifts and cards add up. As I don’t want to cut corners on the gifts themselves — particularly for the kids in the family — I try to make savings on other areas.  Buy a multi-purpose occasion wrapping paper Wrapping paper is one of those gift-giving essentials which can massively inflate the total cost; especially if you end up panic-buying those individually wrapped sheets as opposed to a roll. Instead of buying multiple… View Post