If you’d asked me a month ago whether I was getting a good deal on the various insurance policies we have, I would have said an unequivocal ‘yes’. Of course I was.  Then I received the renewal documents in the post. Car insurance? Up £50. Contents insurance? Up £35. The cost of living is ever-increasing; food bills are going up, energy bills are going up, rent increases every year… did I want to willingly spend another £7 a month on bills which I could potentially cut? No. No I did not. Car Insurance Thanks to a handy automated email from… View Post

Students are notoriously crap with money. I wasn’t too bad, but I still managed to spend more than I probably should have. It’s just so easy to pick up food at the student bar or order a takeaway when a) you have to cook for one and that’s SO much harder than cooking for two, b) you’ve probably not got any clean pans thanks to light-fingered housemates and c) er, have you heard of student discount?! And that’s not even mentioning retail therapy and booze. Got a hard exam coming up? Go to the shops/bar to take your mind off… View Post