If you’d asked me a year ago what my opinion was on the epithet of “Mumpreneur”, I’d have probably screwed up my nose in a similar way that my toddler does when I try and feed him something healthy when he’s asked for pink crisps. Again. It’s twee, and a cliche. But then again, most portmanteaus are; it goes with the territory. It’s a description I usually read in Facebook biographies – if you can call them that – or in tabloid newspaper headlines. Usually accompanied by the word #girlboss and an illustrative emoji or two 👩🏻‍💻👑 The surrounding discourse… View Post

Just over two years ago I started freelancing. I was on maternity leave with Small Human and statutory maternity pay was crippling our finances. It was a real sink or swim moment; not just a case of tightening our belts. We needed a longer belt. So, time to get a side hustle. Although, at the time I didn’t call it a ‘side hustle’, it was simply a way of affording to do things like buy nappies and eat food. I only did three hours a week, but it was enough to keep us afloat. I won’t lie, it was tough… View Post