It might not seem to be a likely statement — that shopping apps can help you make money, but you’ll have to trust me on this one.  Even though we’re doing #ProjectYOLO (no idea what I’m talking about? This post explains it) — inevitably we have to buy some things. Food, toiletries, nappies… even the essentials add up. On these things, I try and shop efficiently. Coupons, voucher codes, loyalty schemes and cash-back are all my best friends. Here are the four fab shopping apps which I use to help me make money. Quidco / TopCashBack Okay, so technically you’re not… View Post

If you’d asked me a year ago what my opinion was on the epithet of “Mumpreneur”, I’d have probably screwed up my nose in a similar way that my toddler does when I try and feed him something healthy when he’s asked for pink crisps. Again. It’s twee, and a cliche. But then again, most portmanteaus are; it goes with the territory. It’s a description I usually read in Facebook biographies – if you can call them that – or in tabloid newspaper headlines. Usually accompanied by the word #girlboss and an illustrative emoji or two 👩🏻‍💻👑 The surrounding discourse… View Post

On Saturday I did my first ever craft fair. I’m not sure I would describe it as a roaring success. I didn’t lose money, but I didn’t make much either. It certainly didn’t feel particularly successful considering I was up until 1am the night before. But I know it’s about playing a long game; success doesn’t happen overnight. Or at 1am.   Do a Mock-up You can never over-prepare. Do a mock-up of your stall layout, so you know how your products look best displayed. Also mock packing up and unpacking your goods, so you know a) how long this… View Post

Just over two years ago I started freelancing. I was on maternity leave with Small Human and statutory maternity pay was crippling our finances. It was a real sink or swim moment; not just a case of tightening our belts. We needed a longer belt. So, time to get a side hustle. Although, at the time I didn’t call it a ‘side hustle’, it was simply a way of affording to do things like buy nappies and eat food. I only did three hours a week, but it was enough to keep us afloat. I won’t lie, it was tough… View Post

Christmas is coming… well, kind of. I’m the kind of person who plans Christmas throughout the year. Party because I love it, and partly because I want to save money on it. This year, we’ve put aside £50 a month for all our gift expenditure, covering both birthdays and Christmas. Although as Tiny Human has now arrived, I’m expecting this will increase to £60/£70 for 2018. But if you’d like to top up any Christmas savings, or just start some — here’s how: Pick up a “side hustle” A side hustle is a way of earning money in addition to your… View Post