I’ll level with ya. Quidco is a strong contender for my all-time favourite money hack. Never heard of it before? It’s a cash-back website. This means that retailers pay you a % of your purchase value back, as a nice ‘thank you’ for shopping with them. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? It’s super easy; you create an account (spoiler: you’ll need Paypal too), and then shop via Quidco whenever you make an online purchase. You can then reclaim the money ‘earned’, as a BACS to your bank, via Paypal, or you can boost your earnings… View Post

Hello dear reader, and welcome to the second post in a series called “Money Hack” – a simple guide to the small, quick things I do to optimise our finances. I’d like to introduce you to the Free Postcode Lottery. Catchy, huh? I have a confession. I’ve always loved a lottery. I know the odds are rubbish, so I tend not to do the National Lottery one (unless it’s a huge Euromillions… which makes even less sense, but I like to think of it as part voluntary tax, part charity donation) but I am partial to the odd scratchcard at… View Post

If you’re anything like me, you probably follow a few people on Insta who use survey and receipt apps to make a bit extra every month. There’s a lot of apps out there, but the big question is – are they worth it? Should you bother investing your time in them? So, I’m doing the legwork for you. Every now and again I’ll be writing painfully honest reviews of an app or service which claims to either make you money or save you money to decide whether they’re a money hack or not. First up, it’s Vypr. What is it? An… View Post