My feelings about Christmas changed on Boxing Day last year. I’ve blogged about it before, but there was just so much stuff. It was partly – cough, mostly – my fault. And I’d had enough. I resolved to change things. And I have. The boys have fewer presents this year, and I’ve only made one of those ohmygod-they-need-more-gifts-to-unwrap panic buy purchases. And then I felt guilty and resolved not to buy anything more. I made a list, I checked it twice… and I’ve stuck to it. It’s divided into different sections; I’ve spread the delivery methods across the festive season… View Post

My mother and I have a recurring conversation every month or so. It’s about home ownership. Or rather, our lack of home ownership. “You really need a third bedroom,” she says, as though reading out a supermarket shopping list rather than adding thousands of pounds to an already unattainable mortgage. “Oh, and a garden. Y’know, for the kids.” I explain that the house she’s described costs around £300k where we live. It’s usually met with silence. It’s not just my mother though — every week I seem to read similar articles. From the smoke and mirrors of avocado toast to… View Post

Just over two years ago I started freelancing. I was on maternity leave with Small Human and statutory maternity pay was crippling our finances. It was a real sink or swim moment; not just a case of tightening our belts. We needed a longer belt. So, time to get a side hustle. Although, at the time I didn’t call it a ‘side hustle’, it was simply a way of affording to do things like buy nappies and eat food. I only did three hours a week, but it was enough to keep us afloat. I won’t lie, it was tough… View Post

There’s something I just love about Halloween. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the day evokes the same kinds of emotions as Christmas. Halloween always captured my imagination when I was growing up; raiding my mother’s make-up box leftovers, crunching scratchy cheap costumes between my fingers, and the excitement of returning home and opening up a bag of mystery sweets to see what was within. It was never disappointing; it couldn’t be. You dressed up, carved a pumpkin, and ate sweets. Simple. There was a wonderful camaraderie between the neighbours, as you traipsed from house to house… View Post

Recently, I’ve noticed a slow increase in the cost of groceries. For some items it’s as little as 10%, others 50%. Cumulatively, it’s a bit depressing. So, in order to save money I stock up on certain products when they’re on offer. It sounds really simple, but there is a bit of a strategy behind it. In case you haven’t already twigged, this is a bit of a boring blog post about the food we buy, how we buy it and where we save money.  But I’m a bit weird and like reading/writing about this kind of stuff. Bail now… View Post