Money Hack: Free Postcode Lottery

Money Hack: Free Postcode Lottery

Hello dear reader, and welcome to the second post in a series called “Money Hack” – a simple guide to the small, quick things I do to optimise our finances.

I’d like to introduce you to the Free Postcode Lottery. Catchy, huh?

I have a confession. I’ve always loved a lottery. I know the odds are rubbish, so I tend not to do the National Lottery one (unless it’s a huge Euromillions… which makes even less sense, but I like to think of it as part voluntary tax, part charity donation) but I am partial to the odd scratchcard at birthdays or Christmas. We put them in crackers, along with a chocolate truffle – which is far better than the tat you get in supermarket ones.

But I also love free stuff. Not in a I’ll-queue-the-day-before-for-a-shop-launch kinda way. I’m not totally crazy (even if I do do the Next sale at 5am). But if it’s free, easy and doesn’t involve rain? Count me in.

So – the Free Postcode Lottery. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a free lottery based on your postal code. Simples.

There are several prize draws throughout the day:

09:00: The Stackpot 1

12:00: Main Draw / Survey Draw / Video Draw

21:00: The Stackpot 2

There’s also a £5 flash draw which appears randomly in one of the ad slots on the website. It can appear several times a day, so if it’s already been won once still keep your eyes peeled.

I check twice a day; once just after 12 (for the Stackpot 1, Main Draw, Survey Draw and Video Draw) and once just before bed for Stackpot 2.

A few important points:

  • You need to check the site regularly to keep your postcode in the draw. But you’ll be doing that anyway in case you win, right?!
  • Every time you check the main draw, survey draw and video draw you’ll earn a penny bonus. When (if?) you win, this will be added on to your total winnings.

If you fancy signing up (and earn me some moolah too) I’ve got a cheeky referral link. It’s also in my Resources section, in case you’re too busy now.

Good luck!



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