Four Shopping Apps which will help you MAKE money

Four Shopping Apps which will help you MAKE money

It might not seem to be a likely statement — that shopping apps can help you make money, but you’ll have to trust me on this one. 

Even though we’re doing #ProjectYOLO (no idea what I’m talking about? This post explains it inevitably we have to buy some things. Food, toiletries, nappies… even the essentials add up.

On these things, I try and shop efficiently. Coupons, voucher codes, loyalty schemes and cash-back are all my best friends. Here are the four fab shopping apps which I use to help me make money.

Quidco / TopCashBack

Okay, so technically you’re not making money with this one — but you will be reclaiming a percentage cut of your spendings at various online and high street retailers, which is possibly the next best thing. I’ve been a member of both of these websites for under six months and already ‘made’ around £70; it’s surprising how quickly 2% cash-back here and there adds up (particularly when they have bonus events too). 

Keep an eye out for: special cash-back offers on those big annual purchases such as car insurance or life insurance


This is probably only relevant if you regularly shop at Nectar retailers (such as Sainsbury’s or eBay) — but once you’re signed in, the Nectar app provides offers such as 5x points or bonus points when you buy certain products. You’ll need to load these offers to your Nectar card; unfortunately, since they changed the cash worth of Nectar points ‘100 bonus points’ only equates to 50p in-store — but as with every small saving, it all adds up. We’ve not been massively extravagant this year and our balance is currently just under £17. And that’s having dropped £20 of Nectar points on Small Human’s water table during our crazy hot Summer. 

Keep an eye out for: free bonus points for linking your eBay and Nectar account (find these on the Nectar app)


I’ve written before about how fantastic Boots advantage card scheme is — especially if you’re a parent, where you can get 10 reward points per pound on baby products (essentially a 10% discount). As with Nectar, they regularly update their special offers — although some of them are restricted to in-store purchases only. They’ll send you vouchers in the post too — which can be even better than the ones on the app. 

Keep an eye out for: the ‘£10 reward points when you spend £50/£60’ events run on a semi-regular basis — which means you could earn £16 on a £60 shop


eBay is an obvious one for making money; but having the app easily accessible makes it far more likely for me (and you, I’m guessing) to actually upload things to sell. I’ve only recently started using eBay, but it’s ridiculously simple to use (even if I’ve made a few rookie mistakes).

Keep an eye out for: special events where you can list your items for free — eBay will email you about these in advance. 

What apps do you use to help you shop savvy?



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