Not A Money Hack: Vypr

Not A Money Hack: Vypr

If you’re anything like me, you probably follow a few people on Insta who use survey and receipt apps to make a bit extra every month.

There’s a lot of apps out there, but the big question is – are they worth it? Should you bother investing your time in them?

So, I’m doing the legwork for you. Every now and again I’ll be writing painfully honest reviews of an app or service which claims to either make you money or save you money to decide whether they’re a money hack or not.

First up, it’s Vypr.

What is it?

An app, where you complete small picture-based surveys (a.k.a. ‘steers’) for points.

And what is the point?

10,000 points = £5

The £5 is then sent to you via PayPal. Once I hit the magic 10,000 this only took 48 hours or so – but the problem was how long it took to get to 10,000.


Which brings me on to…

How long does it take?

…how long is a piece of string? The app refreshes its surveys randomly and multiple times per day. Most are worth 10 points, others 20-50. It also offers in-store surveys (which aren’t any different, you just need to be near the named store) which are usually 100 points.

It takes around 5 seconds to earn 10 points. That means it’s around an hour and a half to earn 10,000.

Only it’s not.

Because the app is awful. It crashes and freezes so frequently, and it regularly needs deleting and downloading from the App store. I stopped using it for about three weeks because I was so disheartened by it.

I’ve now deleted it for good. It just wasn’t worth the time; by the time I’d deleted, downloaded and logged in again. It also had an annoying habit of losing the steers available once I’d fought my way back in.

The steers are random too. Some days you might get the opportunity to earn 1,000 points. Other days, 20 points. Or less.

It took me around two months to accrue enough points to cash out £5.

Yes. Two months.

Would you recommend?

In a nutshell, no. It’s so inefficient.

If they improve the app so it works 100% of the time, then maybe. It’s a good way of making money when you’re doing other things (in the car – passenger of course – or stirring dinner).

But at the moment it’s just a frustrating way of not making much money very quickly at all.

TL;DR: don’t bother wasting your time

Lacie Slezak



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