Four ways to make money before Christmas

Four ways to make money before Christmas

Christmas is coming… well, kind of.

I’m the kind of person who plans Christmas throughout the year. Party because I love it, and partly because I want to save money on it. This year, we’ve put aside £50 a month for all our gift expenditure, covering both birthdays and Christmas. Although as Tiny Human has now arrived, I’m expecting this will increase to £60/£70 for 2018.

But if you’d like to top up any Christmas savings, or just start some — here’s how:

Pick up a “side hustle”

A side hustle is a way of earning money in addition to your main income. It could be anything; freelance work, eBay reselling, matched betting, dog-walking, ironing, or online surveys (you may need to register for self-assessment; but the process is pretty simple). If you’re good at doing something, you can probably make money from it.

Use cashback websites

This might not earn you cashback in time for Christmas, but it will ensure you’re maximising your money when making online purchases. You can also opt in to earn cashback on the high street too, if you prefer to shop in the traditional way. I use both Quidco and TopCashback and have made around £70 in the past six months or so (and we don’t buy loads online, either!) It can take a while for the cashback to filter through the system, but hey — it’s basically free money.

Sell unwanted stuff

In the past few weeks I’ve been clearing out some of our old baby items and out of seven eBay listings, three have sold. Twenty quid later and I’m pretty happy; I’ve still got a load of stuff to list too. Whether eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or car boot sales — there’s definitely money to be made from selling your old, unwanted stuff. 

Enter competitions

Although this isn’t a guaranteed way of making money, it’s a quick and painless way of potentially making money. Numerous brands and retailers hold weekly competitions on social media, and you can ofter enter text-in radio competitions online for free. I’ve not made much this year (although I’ve entered only a handful) but last year I won £60 of Nectar points via Twitter.

Are your finances Christmas-ready? How are you planning on boosting them in time for the festive season?



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