Five wedding things I wish we spent less money on

Five wedding things I wish we spent less money on

I don’t do regrets, but if I did they’d probably be a list of things I wish I’d spent less money on. Like an impulsive holiday to Greece which I stuck on credit card (yelp! Although I really did need a break from a horrible work environment…), or a £150 coat which I was barely going to wear – one which my now-husband describes as a ‘sheep coat’. Thanks.

Mr Thrifty Fox and I got married just over three years ago. We didn’t want to spend much money on the Big Day, so kept costs relatively low. We spent around £6.5k in total, which is pretty low for a ‘traditional day’. I’d have quite happily married Mr Thrifty Fox in jeans at a registry office, but I think we’d have had some very unhappy family members.

As it was, we had some very unhappy family who disapproved of having our reception in the local pub. But you can’t please everyone.

Moral of the story? Elope.

I’m joking.

Despite having a low budget, there are still some things I wish we’d spent just that little bit less on. Such as…

The Dress

When we first started planning, I was adamant I wasn’t going to spend a grand on a dress.

Guess who spent a grand on a dress?

In my defence, the dress was on sale at £600 but due to unexpectedly falling pregnant between buying it and getting married I had to fork out £450 to make it wearable. Oops. In the past few years there are more high street choices for brides and I’d definitely stick to my original plan – and stick the other £800 in premium bonds.

Saving: £800

The Invites

We handmade our invites, in order to save money. They didn’t cost much to make but they were rather time consuming. If I was redoing the day, I’d go for something a bit simpler (and cheaper too). I’d get a fortnight’s worth of evenings back and we’d gain £50 or so. Win-win.

Saving: £50

The Cake(s)

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, we had a cake buffet table of various cakes made my family members (and me). This was a lovely gift from them – and my wonderful mother-in-law made a stunning naked cake for us – but I didn’t really appreciate how much effort and stress was involved. Especially when I was baking carrot cake on the morning of my wedding. Instead, I’d buy a simple M&S cake for the obligatory photo opportunity. None of our guests ate the cake anyway, and I don’t blame them after an ample three course meal.

Saving: £20

The Thank-You Presents

The harsh reality is that no one cares about your wedding as much as you do.

Or at least, that’s how it’s meant to be. You might have some super-invested family members or an over-bearing great-aunt. Either way, we spent hundreds on the gifts for our bridesmaids and best man. Was it worth it? Maybe. Could we have spent less and still conveyed how much their support meant to us? Definitely.

Saving: £100

The Make-Up

I didn’t hire a professional because I couldn’t find one for under £300. Instead I went and spent £100 or so on make up that I told myself I’d get loads of wear out of.

I wore it once. To my wedding.

Ah, hindsight, you old friend. I could have easily swapped for a cheaper brand (or utilised my Boots loyalty points) and saved £60+.

Saving: £60

However, we had a lovely day, surrounded by friends and family, excellent food (#priorities) and we didn’t break the bank. What more could you ask for? But maybe this might just inspire you to make some more savings. Maybe it won’t. Either way, my only real wedding advice is: plan a day you won’t regret.



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