Bills, bills, bills: How I Saved £275 in Two Hours

Bills, bills, bills: How I Saved £275 in Two Hours

If you’d asked me a month ago whether I was getting a good deal on the various insurance policies we have, I would have said an unequivocal ‘yes’. Of course I was. 

Then I received the renewal documents in the post.

Car insurance? Up £50.

Contents insurance? Up £35.

The cost of living is ever-increasing; food bills are going up, energy bills are going up, rent increases every year… did I want to willingly spend another £7 a month on bills which I could potentially cut? No. No I did not.

Car Insurance

Thanks to a handy automated email from, I was reliably informed that Admiral offered the best deal for insurance on my car. I then cross-referenced with any cash-back offers via Quidco — not only were Admiral still cheapest, they also had a £45 cash-back deal available.

Total Saved: £80

Cashback Earned: £45

Contents Insurance

On a whim, I filled out a new quote with my current provider online — only to be shocked that it was 60% less than the renewal quote they’d sent through. A quick phone call clarified that they’d switched underwriter provider and therefore they’d be happy to transfer me across to the cheaper policy. Hurrah!

Total Saved: £155

Breakdown Cover

Spurred on by my savings, I also compared my breakdown cover with the leading competitor — and discovered I’d save £40 if I switched. I’d also get £70 in cash-back too; a no-brainer, really.

Total Saved: £40

Cashback Earned: £70

So after two hours of shopping around / calls, I shaved a grand total of £275 from our potential outgoings — which works out at just under £23 a month. I also earned £115 in cash-back; which I’ll be putting to one side to pay for next year’s breakdown cover.

Against our current monthly payments, these savings equate to £15 a month — which will be funnelled into our credit card debt repayments.

It might not have been the most exhilarating way to spend a morning, but my bank balance will definitely thank me for it.

This post is a friendly reminder to always shop around. Even when it feels like you’re getting a good deal — and especially when it doesn’t.

What’s the best renewal deal you’ve found?


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